A New Era of Excellence Rooted in Tradition


Minutes Board of Trustee

Monday, 9/15/14, 7:30 pm, Bet Shraga HACD Library


Rhonda Rosenheck Gail Kendall Jason Packer
Rabbi Binyamin Lehrfield Suzanna Randall Howard Goldberg
Laura Segal Malka Evan Steven Kamenir
SandySchuman Carolyn Levine Ira Zackon
Rabbi David Eligberg Michele Fisher Gomez Anna Rosen
Marta Koblenz



Moshe Binyamin


Debbie Berkun, Nathan Graber, Laurie Sasson, Steven Wrzesinski

  1. D'var Torah

Rabbi Dan Ornstein gave a brief teaching and introduction of Ohav Shalom.

  1. Introductions everyone introduced themselves around the room
  2. Approval of Minutes

Motion Ira second Carolyn vote approved by 12 with 3 abstaining

  1. Head of School Report

HOS reviewed her report. The Board discussed the HOS question to the Board with regard to the number of school days. Any additional recruitment ideas should be emailed to Rachael and Rhonda. The Board asked for a full report from the HOS on recruitment materials and plan at the October meeting.

  1. Committee on Trustees report

Three people have resigned from the BS HACD Board: Seth Rosenblum, Deborah Beth Medows, and Ana Sobel.

Sandy also reviewed the Board Calendar and expectations for deliverables. Any issues, please send a note to Sandy.

Sandy reviewed the call for people to join committees – any changes must be to Sandy by Wednesday, as this will be sent out in the Shabbaton this week.

BS HACD story: the board was directed to share their BS HACD story in groups of three. The group recommended that people write down some of their stories for use in recruitment and publication materials.

Compliance with NYS Nonprofit Revitalization Act

Gail Kendall moved and Steven Kamenir seconded adoption of the NYS Nonprofit Revitalization Act Bet Shraga Hebrew Academy of the Capital District Code of Conduct and Conflicts of Interest, Disclosure, and Whistleblower Policies. The Board discussed who the Compliance Officer should be. A recommendation was made to list this on the BS HACD website along with a contact person. Sandy clarified that the BS HACD By-Laws need to be amended to reflect the new language from the NYS Nonprofit Revitalization Act.

The motion was unanimously carried. The Board will follow-up and name a Compliance Officer at a subsequent meeting.

  1. Development Committee Report

Motion by Jason Packer to adopt a “give and get” policy for the BS HACD Board. This policy commits each Board member to give at least $180 annually. In addition, each Board member would be asked to arrange at least 3 meetings for Rhonda with current or potential donors. The emphasis is on new prospects. The Board is asked for at least one meeting by the end of the 2014 calendar year and 3 meetings total by the end of the 2014-2015 school year.


It was clarified that the Board is not being asked to make an “ask”. Clarification was asked about transparency for Board participation in this effort. It was acknowledged that there are always extenuating circumstances. There was extensive discussion about this proposal and setting limits or minimum donations. After significant discussion, a revised motion was proposed.

Motion: Each trustee is obligated to make an annual financial gift to BS HACD.

Moved by Jason Packer seconded by Sandy Shuman.

The motion passed by a vote with one abstention.

Motion: Each Board member endeavors to coordinate 3 meetings annually for the Head of School with current or potential donors.

Moved by Jason Packer, Second by Gail Kendall Motion passed unanimously.

  1. Finance Committee Report

The finance committee will review tuition planning and potential assistance from the Avi Chai Foundation to support these efforts.

  1. Faculty Contract update

A brief update on the faulty contract negotiations was given.

  1. Good and Welfare

Parents wrote a letter to the Head of School. The Board discussed the process for addressing parent communication.

It was pointed out that the Board spoke about having a monthly report from the Head of School Evaluation Committee.

10. Executive Session