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Minutes for the August 26, 2014 Meeting of the Bet Shraga Hebrew Academy of the Capital District Board of Trustees

7:30 PM Bet Shraga Hebrew Academy of the Capital District Board of Trustees


Rhonda Rosenheck Gail Kendall Jason Packer
Deborah Beth Medows Suzanna Randall Howard Goldberg
Laura Segal Moshe Binyamin Steven Kamenir
SandySchuman Carolyn Levine Ira Zackon
Rabbi David Eligberg Michelle Fisher Gomez


Ana Sobel                                            Marta Koblenz                                     Anna Rosen

Rabbi Binyamin Lehrfield                   Seth Rosenblum


  1. Introductions HACD Board members introduced themselves


  1. D’var Torah Rabbi Eligberg gave the d’var and spoke about potential relationship between Temple Israel and HACD


  1. Consent Agenda:
  • Minutes from July Meeting
  • Development Report

Discussion: The Board reviewed the Development Report and walked through the next steps of the report.


Motion to approve consent agenda by: Carolyn Levine Second by: Laura Segal

Vote: 7 in favor 0 opposed; there were 5 abstentions on the minutes. The development report was unanimously approved.


  1. Head of School Report

Rhonda Rosenheck reviewed the Head of School Report and organizational chart. She disclosed a potential perception of conflict of interest by Rhonda; the new Receptionist has a prior relationship with Rhonda. The team interviewed multiple applicants. Concern was expressed by the Board about the ability of HOS to evaluate performance. The Board was assured that HOS, Nancy Daigle, and Julie Pollack would work together on the performance evaluation to ensure no conflict is present.


  1. Finance Report: Budget Presentation

The President of the Board explained that he wants to see a budget for the 2015-2016 year passed in March 2015. He gave an overview of the 2014-2015 budget and emphasized the top three lines of the budget, in particular the responsibility of the Board with regard to the income. The Board discussed that the budget is a plan, and there are different assumptions based on one-time expenditures vs. recurring expenditures and that re-forecasting has been and continues to be an important action.


The budget shows that administration costs have increased. It was explained that the educational leadership line of the budget does not accurately reflect the time that educational leaders spend in the classroom or in direct contact with students. The Head of School explained the educational leadership provides a significant amount of staff time in the classroom when compared to the time performing administrative duties and distributed a handout to explain this and how it does not show in the budget.


The President of the Board explained that he wants the Board to consider the revenue and expenditures portions of the budget separately. The Board asked about comparisons between prior years and the current year with regard to enrollment. Sandy reviewed the big budget categories and asked the Board to review the income projections for the 2014-2015 year. The Board discussed questions about the income portion of the budget. Concern was raised about committing to spend technology money without raising the funds first.


Jason Packer moved to adopt the revenue portion of the budget Gail Kendall seconded the motion. The Board moved to Executive Session for a brief discussion. The Board returned from Executive Session and a vote was taken on the motion. The motion to adopt the revenue portion of the budget was passed unanimously.


The Board then reviewed the expense side of the budget. Clarifying questions were asked about the reduction in nurse dollars and the service contracts. The 2013- 2014 actual was higher than the budget because of tracking and aligning expenses to better track costs. It was noted that there are not currently students using speech services, and the budget reflect this change and a change so that future speech needs will be billed directly to parents.


The HOS explained that the school is in the second year of a five year plan. Last year, HACD was building the product, this year we must tell our story. The Board agreed that the budget prioritizes general education with the expenditure decisions made in the budget.


Gail Kendall moved to adopt the expenditure portion of the budget; the motion was seconded by Steven Kamenir. The motion was passed unanimously.


Sandy Schuman moved to move the remaining agenda items to the next HACD meeting. Howard Goldberg seconded the motion.


Before proceeding to Good and Welfare, the Board was given homework: practice positive word of mouth about HAC and the exciting things happening here. Sandy asked all board members to sharpen their notion of what they want to say about HACD to report back at the next Board meeting.


  1. Good and Welfare

Loreen Coldrick had a healthy baby girl

Lorraine Arcus is a grandmother again, she has a new granddaughter


The meeting was adjourned.