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Minutes_07212004 (PDF)

Minutes for the July 21, 2014 Meeting of the Bet Shraga Hebrew Academy of the Capital District Board of Trustees at 7:30 PM Congregation Beth Abraham Jacob, 380 Whitehall Rd, Albany, NY


Laura Segal
Marta Koblenz
Rabbi David Eligberg

Laura Segal Gail Kendall

Not Present:

Rhonda Rosenheck Deborah Beth Medows

Suzanna Randall Anna Rosen Seth Rosenblum

Moshe Binyamin Sandor Schuman

Ira Zackon
Michelle Fisher Gomez

Carolyn Levine Steven Kamenir

Ana Sobel Rabbi Binyamin Lehrfield

Malka Evan

Howard Goldberg

  1. Annual Budget: overview of budget issues. Seth gave an overview of the HACD budget picture. The Board is waiting for the HOS to present a budget for a vote and approval by the Board.
    Seth Rosenblum moved to authorize the Head of School to pay salaries and necessary expenditures until the August 2014 Board meeting. However, this motion does not authorize new commitments without express approval of the Budget by the Board of Trustees or by express approval of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees. Gail Kendall seconded the motion.

    Vote: Approved 12; Abstain 3; No 0

  2. Engaging Community Leaders: How we can strengthen our external relationships.
    Sandi asked for people to send him an email or give him a call with any other suggestions on how we can reach out to community groups more effectively.
  3. Committee Formation: We have some important committee vacancies to fill. Every trustee should be a member of a committee and we should figure out who we want to recruit for each committee.
    The Board reviewed the roles and functions of each committee. It was noted that the Education Committee was disbanded and the Jewish Life Committee became an ad hoc Committee only to be called up when needed.
  4. Dvar Torah by Rabbi Lehrfield
  5. NYS Nonprofit Revitalization Act Compliance: To comply with this new law we have a few new or revised policies to review and approve, e.g., code of conduct, conflict of interests, whistle blower, etc.

Please review the forms for a vote at the next meeting. The forms will be amended to reflect

the By-Laws section on conflict of interest and bias.
6. Annual Calendar: Board and Exec Committee meeting dates and the annual calendar.

Exec Committee Meetings

Board Meetings

Mon 07/21/2014

Mon 07/21/2014

Sun 08/10/2014

Mon 08/18/2014

Sun 09/07/2014

Mon 09/15/2014

Sun 10/12/2014

Mon 10/20/2014

Sun 11/09/2014

Mon 11/17/2014

Sun 12/14/2014

Mon 12/15/2014

Sun 01/11/2015

Mon 01/19/2015

Sun 02/08/2015

Mon 02/16/2015

Sun 03/08/2015

Mon 03/16/2015

Sun 04/12/2015

Mon 04/20/2015

Sun 05/10/2015

Mon 05/18/2015

Sun 06/07/2015

Mon 06/15/2015

Each committee needs to add calendar items to the HACD Board Calendar.

  1. Strategic Planning & Vision Update

    Meeting set up for next Wednesday at 8:30 PM. The Strategic Planning Committee will work to define its role and define the data needs for the undertaking.

  2. Good and Welfare

    Condolences to Laura on the loss of her father.
    May there we less bloodshed as we search for a resolution in Israel.

The meeting adjourned at 9:40 PM.