A New Era of Excellence Rooted in Tradition


Minutes_06162014 (PDF)

June 16th Board Meeting


Anna Rosen Carolyn Levine Laura Segal Marta Koblenz Moshe Binyamin Howie Goldberg Ira Zakon

R. Beverly Magidson Sandy Schuman

Seth Rosenblum Rhonda Rosenheck Deborah Beth

  1. Anna made a motion to accept last meetings notes.

    a. SethRosenblummadeanamendmenttoadjustthereasontheauditwas delayed – the amendment was “delayed due to staff changes at HACD at the beginning of that year and changes that our staff made to our accounts without leaving an audit trail.”

  2. Anna Rosen delivered the Annual report and d'var Torah.
    Anna's report focused on seeking honest and true view of the school. Consistent with this weeks parasha, when one focuses mostly on the negative, it makes progress a lot more difficult. The feedback we received from the parents, highlighted both the strengths as well as the challenges we are facing. Our accomplishments this year were many but other challenges remain. The board will continue to work on these issues as many have done before us and many more will continue to do in the future. Anna's report is included.
  3. Sethprovidedarecapofthefinancereport.Thesummaryisthatweareprojectinga shortfall of $14,000 which is an improved position vs. the early projection of shortfall of $42,400. The shortfall was a deliberate plan due to the desire to invest in education and technology.
  4. SethRosenblummadeamotionforcontinuingoperatingresolutiontomaintainthe current operating budget 2013-2014 until July. All were in favor. Non- objected.

5. CarolynandMartaprovidedthedevelopmentreport.

a. Keyhighlightsincluded:
i. Parent participation in giving was up

ii. We received on-line donations in several categories including: 1. Community

2. Grandparents 3. Parents
4. Formerparents

Overall we a received over $162k in donations.

  1. HOSevaluationreport:SandyprovidedanupdateontheHOSevaluationcommittee as well as the specific tasks we have undertaken including the parent survey.
  2. HOSReport:Rhonda(HACDHeadofSchool)providedanannualreportincluding re-iterating the school mission for ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE ROOTED IN TRADITION. Rhonda then outlined the changes and the training of the school faculty as well as savings we made in the budget, reinstated the hot lunch program and plan to expand it to three days a week next year.

    Rhonda also outlined steps and accomplishments made each month of the academic year. Finally, Rhonda commented that while we experienced some attrition. Most of the attiring parents were on the fence last year and decided that the school has not improved sufficiently. The school will continue to make improvements and ensure that the mission of the school is persisted.

  3. LauraSegalthankedtheoutgoingboardmembersfortheirtimeandservice.The board then voted in the incoming board members as well as the new board president Sandor Shuman.

We then concluded with good and well fair.
Carolyn made a motion to adjourn - Deborah Beth - seconded - meeting adjourned.