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Minutes_04282014 (PDF)


Rhonda Rosenheck Marta Koblenz
Rabbi Beverly Magidson Laura Segal

Deborah Beth Medows Rachel Rappaport


Jason Packer

1. D’var Torah – Ira Zackon

2. Consent Agenda

Suzanna Randall Anna Rosen Seth Rosenblum Elana Kamenir Sandor Schuman

Gail Kendall

Carolyn Levine Howard Goldberg Ana Sobel
Ira Zackon

Rabbi Binyamin Lehrfield

Moshe Binyamin

HACD Board of Trustees April 28, 2014 Minutes

Motion by Elana Kamenir Second by Carolyn Levine Vote: Abstain 4 yes 11 no 0

Discussion: pull out Finance Report for discussion

3. Finance Report – Seth Rosenblum

Discussion: reviewed the finance report and looked at % in versus % out.

This year we are annotating the budget items to learn from spending patterns and not transferring funds from line item to line item.

Next year’s budget, in process and a draft is anticipated for next month’s HACD Board meeting, with a vote in June. Finance will follow-up on tuition affordability in the next meeting.

4. Committee on Trustees – Laura Segal

Discussion of possible HACD Trustees for next year. The slate will need to be sent to the parent body 45 days before the June meeting.

5. Head of School Report

Reviewed report and discussed questions. Discussion of incoming class and enrollment for 2014-2015. The need to grow the school for the non-kindergarten class was identified. The HACD Board identified and underscored the need for strategic planning and focusing on getting enrollment numbers up for both kindergarten and upper grades. Rachel Rappaport agreed to head up the effort reach out to create promotion materials. Rhonda will email a list to the Board to reach out to potential families for reenrollment. Can we create Jewish Civil Servant type reduced cost for students? Gail, Seth and Rhonda will look at the possibility of discounts for Jewish professionals.

6. Executive Session

The HACD Board entered Executive Session.

7. Good and Welfare

Suessical was tremendously successful