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Minutes_02242014 (PDF)


Rhonda Rosenheck Marta Koblenz
Rabbi Beverly Magidson Laura Segal

Deborah Beth Medows


Rabbi Binyamin Lehrfield Gail Kendall

1. D’var Torah by Rhonda Rosenheck

2. Introduction/Vote to fill Board vacancy

HACD Board of Trustees Minutes February 24, 2014

Suzanna Randall Moshe Binyamin Anna Rosen Seth Rosenblum

Carolyn Levine Sandor Schuman

Jason Packer (by phone) Howard Goldberg
Ana Sobel
Ira Zackon

Elana Kamenir Rachel Rappaport

Motion from Committee on Trustees: To nominate to the slate Deborah Beth Medows to the HACD Board of Trustees to fill the vacated spot from Gene Tarler
Second by: Rabbi Bev Magidson
Vote: yes unanimous

3. Head of School Report – verbal report given by Rhonda Rosenheck

Update by HOS on progress reports that were sent out to students and common core guidance. HOS office hours and visiting hours have been posted and notices will be sent out if changes are needed. Priority is being placed on Rhonda spending time with faculty and staff. Rhonda informed the HACD Trustees that teachers and the nurse have been trained in mandated reporting.

4. Enrollment/Recruitment verbal report given by Rhonda Rosenheck

th th Marketing and advertising efforts: billboard on I-90 March 2-7 . Open house at HACD March 9 .

5. Finance Report – Seth Rosenblum

a. Vote on Tuition

Motion from Financial Committee: Adopt base tuition of $10.500 for 2014-2015 year Vote: yes unanimous

b. Finance Committee Report

Working on understanding the NY Nonprofit Revitalization Act. Seth walked through the year to date figures and explained progress on the audit. The office is working on tightening internal controls.

5. Update on faculty contract – Ira Zackon

Has first meeting today to begin negotiations on faculty contract.

6. Board Moment – Conflict of Interest Policy

HACD Trustees reviewed the Conflict of Interest section of the By-Laws.

7. Strategic Plan – Anna Rosen

Board to work with a professional to develop strategic plan and focus on vision.

8. Good and Welfare