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Minutes_12162013 (PDF)


Moshe Binyamin Gail Kendall Howard Goldberg Rhonda Rosenheck Ira Zackon

Marta Koblenz

HACD Board of Trustees Minutes December 16, 2013

Rabbi Beverly Magidson Jason Packer
Rachel Rappaport
Rabbi Binyamin Lehrfield Carolyn Levine

Sandor Schuman Laura Segal Suzanna Randall Anna Rosen Seth Rosenblum

Absent: Rabbi Don Cashman, Elana Kamenir, and Ana Sobel 1. D’var Torah – Sandy Schuman

2. Consent Agenda

a. HOS report
b. Development Report c. October minutes
d. November minutes

Motion: Approve consent agenda as presented. Motion: Ira Zackon
Second: Moshe Binyamin
Vote: yes 13 abstain 2


The HOS added a notice on security measures at the school and coordination with local police to ensure safety of all students and staff.

3. Brief Committee Reports – for information and clarifying questions. No action required.
a. Faculty Contract update – Ira Zackon -
The HOS, as part of her job description, is responsible for negotiating the faculty association contract with the advice, participation, and approval of the HACD Board of Trustees. Moved: Sandy Schuman

Second: Laura Segal
Vote: unanimous
Discussion: Update provided to HACD Trustees. Ira will work with Rich Ankowitz and follow-up with the Board. They will work with Rhonda moving forward with negotiations. A copy of this motion shall be placed in Rhonda Rosenheck’s job description.

b. HSEC: parent survey – Sandy Schuman –
Group discussed drafted survey question ideas, the need to have PROM Committee help to formulate pre and post pr / communication, and the need to consult professional survey advice.

c. Development/Gala Event – Carolyn Levine/Marta Koblenz
Shomray Torah report given. Working out the kinks with online donations. Almost at 100% Board participation.

Gala: Need new chair(s) for event.

4. Finance – Seth Rosenblum
a. Tuition Affordability Initiative b. Budget reforecast

5. Casino Gambling Issue– Anna Rosen
Presented an update of recent news about this issue. There was no Board action to take at this time. The Board will monitor this as it develops to identify when Board action might be warranted.

6. Strategic Planning – Anna Rosen
Anna Rosen to send out additional information on this to HACD Trustees.

7. Good and Welfare

Rhonda – new great niece and a new niece are both well.
Consortium of Upstate NY day schools – Temple Israel Social Hall in Binghamton roof collapsed and school has been destroyed.