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Minutes_11182013 (PDF)


HACD Board of Trustees November 18, 2013 Minutes

Present: Anna Rosen, Ira Zackon, Seth Rosenblum, Ana Sobel, Howard Goldberg, Marta Koblenz, Laura Segal, Moshe Binyamin, R. Binyamin Lehrfield, R. Bev Magidson, Gail Kendall

Administration: Rhonda Rosenheck Guest: Claire Higgins

Absent: Sandor Schuman, Rachel Rappaport, Jason Packer, Suzanna Randall, R. Don Cashman, Elana Kamenir,

  1. D’var Torah – Anna Rosen
  2. Board Development/Training – Claire Higgins. Presentation and Discussion.Powerpoint attached.
    Second training tbd for those unable to attend today

Respectfully submitted,

Anna Rosen, Ph.D. President