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HACD Board of Trustees October 21, 2013 Minutes

Present: Anna Rosen, Sandor Schuman, Howard Goldberg, Marta Koblenz, Ira Zackon, Carolyn Levine, Jason Packer, Rhonda Rosenheck, Seth Rosenblum, Laura Segal, Ana Sobel, Moshe Benyamin, Rodney Margolis, Elana Kaminer

Administration: Rhonda Rosenheck
Guests: Rodney Margolis, HSEC committee member

1. Meeting called to order at 7:40 p.m.
2. D’var Torah - Seth Rosenblum
3. Consent Agenda – unanimously approved.
4. HSEC Committee Report – Sandor Shuman, Chair HSEC

a. Purpose statement incorporates cutting-edge best-practices for HSEC committees

  •   Sandor introduces summary of goals/flow-chart. Linking the goals of the HOS for the school (curricular, parent relations, public optics) with the goals of the board with issues such as enrollment, financial viability, etc.
  •   Summary and details can be found on 2-sided handout: Fourth goal of “Personal life balance” is not on public distribution sheet, but it is an important goal for the HSEC committee/board need to be aware of and support for the well being and professional performance of the HOS and school.
  •   The stated goals for both HOS and board on the sheet are meant to be the guideposts for evaluation in the current school year.
  •   If HSEC committee and HOS find that the stated goals do not reflect ground- truth priorities, the HSEC committee and HOS can adjust the goals on which evaluation takes place.
  •   The goals should be made publically available, we are looking to be transparent. Framing/language of goals may need to be tweaked for purposes of clarity when presented publically.
  •   For each goal, there are a number of details breaking out the components of the goal and how assessment will be done.

b. Rhonda distributes an additional handout providing high-level detail of the goals, measures, and means of measurement/accountability

  •   One item left off. In first goal ... add “seek outside review of educational delivery” as an audit of sorts.
  •   Concern raised that the quantity of goals being assessed may not be realistic, but there is an understanding that there is a reflection of the work-

style/experience of the HOS and that the goals are a reflection of aspiration,

and will not be the sole measure used in overall performance evaluation.

  •  The goals of the HSEC committee/HOS should not be subject to a board vote,

    but the board should be fully informed of what the goals are and evaluation


  •   Board expressed support for Rhonda, making sure she has the support

    systems in place – both professional and personal, to work toward the

    realization of goals.

  •   Point made that while there are dozens of micro-goals expressed in the

    evaluation tool, there are four overreaching goals. The micro-goals are an expression of how Rhonda breaks those goals down into their components strategically.

    c. HSEC committee will be meeting with Rhonda once a month, and there will be an ongoing evaluative/fine-tuning process.

    d. HSEC committee will report to the board in January 2014 and June 2014. 5. Finance Report - Seth Rosenblum , VP Financ

  •   Finance committee has been working on developing better reporting methods so board has better, easier to understand data to work with.
  •   New financial reporting document details 2013-2014 approved budget next to budget reforecast (as of 9/30/13).
  •   Report back on tuition affordability initiative at November 2013 board meeting
  •   Next budget reforecast by January 2014

    *** MOTION ***

    In order to avoid the need to ask parents for additional monies for the junior high school trips to Teva and Philadelphia, we will amend the 2013-2014 budget on line 57 (field trips) to increase it by $9,666.00 (to $12,266.00).


  •   Sandor suggested that we approve the entire reforecast budget, vs. just line 57. However, Seth indicated there is a chance that could set a precedent for needed board approval for every small change/reforecast. Moshe “seconded” Sandor’s suggestion. Seth is going to look into if/how our bylaws speak to the issue.
  •   Rhonda asked that we stick to the officially approved budget for purposes of learning where we spend more/less so that future budgets can be more finely tuned.

    6. Development Report – Carolyn Levine, VP Development

  •   Electronic Giving ... not on HACD’s website, but HACD website is the “gateway.”
  •   Elana Kaminer working on grant for three more smart boards via Legacy Heritage
  •   Spring event – Marta is looking to get a committee together to work on the program

    7. Marketing Report - Anna Rosen, Rhonda Rosenheck PROM (P/R, Outreach, Marketing) Committee

    •   Committee is looking at how we update our website, resending marketing materials to targeted recipients, how to utilize Rhonda to HACD’s best advantage
    •   Draft calendar being developed to coordinate PROM efforts with specific HACD/holiday/communal events.
    •   Instead of Open Houses, “drop in days” when perspective families can see school in action before work, etc.
    •   Goal is to have best P/R this year be good word-of-mouth from current parents
    •   Rhonda is doing a great deal of writing, to provide language for describing our school (curriculum, philosophy, etc.)
    •   Question raised whether committee needs a line item in the budget, will need to be considered for future budgets

      8. Board Moment - Ana Sobel, Laura Segal, Committee on Trustees Board profile worksheet

      •   Each board member stated a quality that all board members should ideally have
      •   Board members are asked to submit board profile worksheet to Laura and Ana as soon as possible

        9. Good and Welfare

  •   Condolences to Rachel Anisfield and family
  •   New baby expected for Jason Packer and family
  •   Elana Kaminer, children’s theater auditions for Barnum in November
  •   Anna, Seth, and Rhonda presented to Federation GAP committee – GAP

    committee was highly impressed by the turnabout that HACD has

    accomplished over the past year

  •   Sandor will be a storyteller at “Telebration” at Proctors in November

    Meeting ended at 10:05 p.m. Respectfully submitted,
    Howard Goldberg, acting secretary