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Minutes_08192013 (PDF)



HACD Board of Trustees August 19, 2013 Meeting Minutes

  1. 1  Anna Rosen
  2. 2  Suzanna Randall
  3. 3  Ana Sobel
  4. 4  Seth Rosenblum
  5. 5  Jason Packer
  6. 6  Ira Zackon
  7. 7  Carolyn Levine
  8. 8  Marta Koblenz
  9. 9  Rhonda Rosenheck (HOS)
  10. 10  Sandy Schuman
  11. 11  Howie Godlberg
  12. 12  Rachel Ainsfeld
  13. 13  Rachel Rappaport
  14. 14  Rabbi Lehrfield

Excused: ____________

  1. Meetingcalledtoorderat7:35byAnnaRosenwithoutaquorum.
  2. D’varTorah:AnnaRosengavead’vartorahaboutParashatKiTavo.
  3. BoardRoleandBylaws:Annaprovided“puzzlepieces”oftheboardmissionto weave the parts of the mission and we split into groups to discuss the missionstatement.
  4. A quorum was achieved at approximately 7:55 pm.
  5. NewTrustee:TheboardunanimouslyvotedinJasonPackerasanewTrustee to replace Gene Tarler who had resigned. Jason is a HACD Alum (’92),prospective HACD parent of two young children, and has significant experience with fundraising and nonprofits. He works with his family at Hill & Markes.
  6. ConsentAgenda:Theconsentagendawasapproved,includingminutesforJuly along with the reports submitted via email for the following committees: HOS, Bylaws, Finance, House & Grounds.

7. TechnologyCampaign:Rhondaupdatedtheboardonthetechnology campaign. As a reminder, before coming on as HOS she advised HACD that we would need to invest heavily in Professional Development and Technology. Our budget already commits to the PD, and also some of the basic infrastructure for our server and new Wifi network. Carolyn and Mike Waldman are working with Rhonda to raise $126,902 more to cover Student Computing, Educator Computing, Network Infrastructure and Security. Toward this effort, we have $20,000 in firm pledge to cover all items except the Student Computing. Additionally, we have $6,500 in pledges toward student computing and a donor willing to give $30,000 for a challenge match grant. The board discussed the particulars of the technology at length and then the process of whether a lay committee would or should be involved. The consensus was that there should be a HOS-chaired committee with knowledgeable lay people. Suzanna moved that the board direct the HOS to form a technology advisory committee to move forward with this endeavor and future technology initiatives, and the board approved this.

a. Actionitem:Rhondaaskedtheboardforapprovaltospend$20,000 on infrastructure, fully pledged but not yet in hand as well as $33,500 on top of the $6,500 pledged to buy the rest of the computers for a station in each classroom. We are risking $33,500 to assure that we can raise $23,500. After lengthy discussion the board amended the motion to spend the $20,000 already pledged on the underlying

infrastructure – approved unanimously. Next, the board took on the

other part of the original motion which was: to spend up to $40,000 on student computing of which $6,500 has been pledged/given, subject to cash reserves on hand (as vetted by VP Finance and HOS). 10 in favor, 2 abstained.

  1. TheboardmembersareaskedtoprovidenamesofpotentialdonorstoCarolyn Levine (email hidden; JavaScript is required).
  2. Good&Welfare:Suzannahasanewbicycleandinauguratedherbikecommute to work. Exciting things are happening in the school. The building is getting spiffed up.
  3. The next item on the agenda was to discuss committees however due to the late hour the board adjourned at 10:32 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Seth Rosenblum, VP Finance